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Our vision for all of our products is to bring a truly pure, unprecedented Brandy to the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. We invite you to visit our Distillery Store to sample our products and tour our facility. Our Distillery Store features an on-site licensed store with an offering of our brandies.
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RETAIL - $74.99
Apple Black Red

Apple Black Red is our take on a traditional Apple Brandy. It features a combination of three apples, highlighted by the Gold Rush apple being the dominate fruit. These heirloom apples come from the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, which is known as one of the premier apple growing regions throughout Virginia. 

Apple Black Red features nice floral notes on the nose, with a bit of heat that will be followed by a mellow apple flavor on the palette.
BATCH 2 - Winchester, Virginia
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RETAIL - $84.99
Apple Black Green

Apple Black Green is a combination of seven (7) apples chosen, by co-founder Alan Black, to create a unique, one-of-a-kind apple brandy product. Alan specifically chose these seven heirloom apples from the Woolwine area of Virginia to create the absolute perfect combination.

Apple Black Green will amaze your tastebuds with a smooth, ever-changing flavor of apples on the palette. This product is truly an experience for both new and veteran brandy connoisseurs to enjoy!
BATCH 2 - Woolwine, Virginia
RETAIL - $93.99
Apple Black Black

The final of our trio of apple brandy, is Apple Black Black, an oak-barrel aged version of our Apple Black Red. As with our Red label product, this brandy will also be highlighted by the Gold Rush apple with much more mellow, vanilla notes than it's counterpart. 

Apple Black Black brings all the fun of our Apple Black Red with the mellow notes of vanilla and caramel after aging a minimum of two years in American White Oak Barrels.
Current Barrel Offering(s):
Barrel 3 - Kentucky, USA
Batch 2 - Apple Black Red blend - Winchester, Virginia
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RETAIL - $69.49
Traditional Aged Brandy

Our signature spirit — Traditional Brandy — is a barrel aged brandy distilled using a beautiful Syrah (Shiraz) wine from Washington. This product is a single barrel selection and aged for a minimum of two years in triple-charred American White Oak barrels from South Carolina and Kentucky. This product can be best enjoyed served both neat or by enhancing a classic brandy cocktail.

Our aging process creates a golden amber, grape-dominant brandy with undertones of vanilla and caramel. This product will be a fan favorite of both brandy and whiskey drinkers.
Current Barrel Offering(s):
Barrel 23 - Kentucky, USA
Batch 2 - Shiraz wine - 2020 - Washington
RELEASED JUNE 2022 (Initial Release Oct. 2021)
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Mountain Mama Green

Created from our love of pure brandy and coffee, Mountain Mama Green is a brandy-infused, Whole Bean coffee roasted locally in nearby Patrick Springs, Virginia by our good friends at Mountain Chix Coffee Roasters.

A medium-dark roast gives way to a burst of apple flavor to create a cup of joe unlike any you've ever enjoyed!

RETAIL - $25
Avalon Mill Honey

A unique local honey from nearby Eden, North Carolina, Avalon Mill is a barrel aged honey using our Traditional Brandy barrels. We partner with our friends at WG Bee Farm to produce this amazing product.

You will be amazed by the brandy forward flavor profile of this mouthwatering honey!

Batch 2
Released August 2023
RETAIL - $25
Have An Idea For A New Brandy?

We would enjoy hearing your feedback on what variations of fruit and/or aged Brandies you would like to see us release. Shoot us an email below with your feedback, comments and more!

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